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Nine Bolt Pedals / Skate Boarding Bear Metal Distortion

High gain Metal distortion is packed with dreams. It is one of the most effective effectors in the sense that it changes the sound of the guitar dramatically.

Indeed, among the popular effectors in the world, the name of high gain distortion surely comes out.

Although it is a high gain distortion which is loved by many players, when trying to use it in a band, unexpected usability is bad.

The guitar sound that I felt as wonderful sounds as that sound is not enough for some reasons when it is matched with the band, the sound does not come out in the front, the sound is thin, and even in some cases it can not be heard.

So, if you try to use high gain sound in full swing, do you only have to use an expensive Extreme High Gain Amp? Is it that hope is too high for high gain metal sound with effectors?

Looking for serious high gain metal distortion.

NINEVOLT PEDALS SKATEBOARDING BEAR METAL DISTORTION has a presence even in the band ensemble, it is easy to handle, and it is effective high gain distortion even in combination with a full-fledged tube amp. High gain distortion is fun if you play alone, but actually, you can not use it. Such an image is no longer in the past.

In the first place, why did the high gain distortion have such an image? Compressions that are too expensive will limit the band of the sound and narrow the dynamics range. If you try to forcibly arrange the sound with an active equalizer mounted so as to cover it, you have to boost the high range and low range excessively and sharpen midrange deeply. As a result, while playing alone, you may be able to listen to "real sound" as it is, but that sound will not come out before in the ensemble. An impatient guitarist raises LEVEL to put out the sound in front, but this time howling and noise storms attack the player.

This is a typical image of "once" metal distortion.

Sound made by SKATEBOARDING BEAR METAL DISTORTION, there is no image of the old generation high gain distortion.

Distortion is required for a straightforward sound that is adjusted as the gain rises. It is not to crush the sound, but to make detailed fine strain with grain. The quality of the basic distortion is the most important factor for high gain distortion. SKATE BOARDING BEAR METAL DISTORTION stuck there.

Good quality distortion does not break the sound even if you increase the gain. Keeping the dynamics range, balanced sound makes it a high-gain distortion with presence, without being buried even in the band ensemble.

SKATEBOARDING BEAR METAL DISTORTION can also create a clean sound if you narrow GAIN to minimum. This is a proof that the basic sound is as clear and straightforward as that. And if you give GAIN, it will cover a wide gain range from clean to high gain. That's why you can make sounds sensationally.

SKATEBOARDING BEAR METAL DISTORTION has 3 band equalizer of HIGH, MID, LOW. This EQ, which is also standard in many guitar amplifiers, begins with the early British hard rock and is essential for making various metal sounds that evolved extensively.

However, the equalizer in the high gain distortion is a correction, it is not the main.

Three band EQ of SKATEBOARDING BEAR METAL DISTORTION can make various sounds from Hard Rock to Modern Extreme Metal, but there is no way to change the sound excessively.

Because the basic distortion sound is good quality, there is no need to install an excessive equalizer there. And, therefore, SKATEBOARDING BEAR METAL DISTORTION is low noise.

In addition, by combining a straightforward and well-balanced distortion and an equalizer that is not excessively well balanced, the response of the sound has also increased.

There is no such thing that the chords collapse due to interference, or the attack is collapsed by an ultra-fast riff and it becomes cloudy and unlikely. While it has a strong presence in leads, even with chords it maintains a high resolution without crashing the sound.

SKATEBOARDING BEAR METAL DISTORTION has been realized as a tone that is clear, yet thick and sharp before going through like a high gain thought to be impossible with effects so far.

SKATE BOARDING BEAR METAL DISTORTION is effective even when combined with a full tube amp. As a high gain distortion used for a clean amp, it is also possible to make an extreme tone by combining it with an overdrive channel of a large stack amp.

Combined with the middle gain channel of the modern high gain amplifier, you can make a high gain sound different from the sound of the high gain channel of the amp and you can also give variations to the sound.

Footswitch is true bypass. It runs on a 9V battery, or standard center minus DC 9V adapter.

  • Consumption current: 3.5 mA
  • Input impedance: 500k
  • Output impedance: 10k


  • LEVEL: Adjust the volume.
  • GAIN: Adjust the strength of the distortion.
  • LOW: Adjusts the way out of the low range.
  • MID: Adjust the way out of the middle range.
  • HIGH: Adjust the exit of the high range.

What I want to have a good day is skateboarding and reading. I tried to do two things I wanted at the same time. The individuality of this pedal combining high gain and feeling of coming off. Like this bear enjoying delicate balance Everyone too have fun.


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2018-03-049.5/10  High gain without the buzz & squeal of lesser designs. Holds together with complex chords. Perfect with gainy tube amps. ...

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