Nine Of Swords Twin Earth Deluxe


  • Void
  • Terror
  • Alpha/Omega (toggle)
  • Chaos (toggle)


Nine Of Swords

Hail Cosmonauts - your journey through the ether is almost at it’s end and you approaching..the Twin Earth! A fuzz pedal with a dark and terrible secret. A huge and increasingly meaty muff sound until ‘terror’ is cranked over halfway, then a gnarly snarling splattery overload with increasingly apparent upper octave overtones if you dare keep twisting the control clockwise. But what’s this? A ‘Chaos’ switch? Summon up the courage to flip it and all bets are off – the fuzz enters a new and strange dimension, the sound folds in on itself, synthy sci-fiesque overtones appear, and the ‘Terror’ knob starts effecting the sound in strange and unexpected ways – oscillations, feedback, contact with alien beings, anything is possible. Keep your nerve, Cosmonaut - don’t flee as so many others have done before you, and maybe you too can maintain your orbit around ...the Twin Earth.

But wait - there's more! Fresh from the lab - this deluxe version of the Twin Earth circuit offers even more mind-bending sounds - and additional front mounted 'Alpha / Omega' switch changes from the traditional huge ultra-saturated Twin Earth Muff-style sound to a gritty and raw vintage vibe. Combined with the 'Chaos' switch and the huge variety of sounds dialable-in when you tweak the Terror knob in each position there is SO much fuzz on offer with this pedal it makes me want to cry.

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