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Nine Of Swords

Hut! Hut! Hut! I'm just going to come out and say it - the Quarterback is an awesome high impedance Pre-Amp / signal booster pedal.The starting point for this bad boy is that it eradicates the loss of your guitars sparkle as it goes through a long length of cable or a multitude of pedals and allows your precious tone to shine through. Start turing the 'Snap' control clockwise and the ultra sensitve mosfet BS170 transistor gives you an incredibly transparent volume boost - like your guitar but louder - perfect for cutting through in the mix. Dime the 'Snap' and the Quarterback will come at you like a rampaging bull - getting super hard on (ahem) and overloading the front end of valve amps. It has a very low noise floor, it improves the carity and definition of your guitar tone tenfold, it can be used to anny bandmates by being louder than them, and it can rag the hell out of the front end of an amp if required. What more could you want from a pedal? A personal favourite - I wouldn't leave for any jam or gig without this.

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