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Nine Of Swords

Quake in fear, mortal, the Fuzz Lord has arrived. This ultra gainy silicon fuzz pedal is custom designed to create the heaviest deepest doomiest scariest terror noise possible. A huge bottom end combined with a throaty bark at the mid range and a smooth creamy topping all points towards stoner/doom heaven. Crank the 'Hell' knob (we're subtle like that) past 2 o'clock, the fuzz turns to sludge, and those in the know run for cover. All hail the Fuzz Lord!

This Fuzz Lord is a DAM Meathead Dark based circuit and is handwired by Nine of Swords Effects in the UK with high quality NOS audio caps, a top spec ultra-robust 3PDT switch for true bypass and high quality input and output jacks all of which is housed in a sturdy diecast pedalboard-friendly MXR sized enclosure. It can be powered by a standard boss style centre-negative 9vdc power adapter (not supplied), or I can fit a battery clip if required. This version has the fearsome 'Goat of Mendes/Hammer Horror' artwork! If you have any questions please feel free to ask and I'll do all I can to help.

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