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Lets have a big hand for the Chump. An extremely versatile fuzz, this bad boy goes from the classic thick juicy muff tones at its lowest setting, gets a bit more a hair as you turn it to 9 o'clock, and then becomes a more modern hot-rodded muff killer with a huge bottom between 9 and 12. After 12? That's when things take a turn for the unexpected - octavia effects start appearing and the Chump starts to snarl. Keep going in that direction and what you'll have is the kind of delicious splattery raspy nasty fuzz tone you'd find on the classic 60s garage tracks. Handle with care or this chump might just get the better of you yet! The Chump is a Devi Ever Soda Meiser based circuit and is handwired in the UK by JGW Effects with a top spec ultra-robust 3PDT switch for true bypass, high quality input and output jacks and is housed in a sturdy pedalboard-friendly MXR sized enclosure. It can be powered by a standard boss style center-negative 9vdc power adapter (not supplied). Crucially it also features subtle 'chimp with gun' enclosure artwork.

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