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Nine Of Swords

A classic circuit with a twist - built with versatility in mind, this pedal does a lot - from thick overdrive, to vintage fuzz, to gated and spluttery, to granny scaring sonic terrorism with colossal bottom end. But there's more - turn down the guitar tone control, the fuzz changes and all your precious tones enter a new dimension (a, ahem, "3rd dimension" - see what I did there). How does that work? Thanks to it's unique circuit at lower gain levels the 3D Astro Beast's gain characteristics shift dramatically when you totally turn down your guitars tone - go from a thick overdrive to a wirey vintage fuzz and back again - a whole new world of sonic possibilities just from fiddling with a guitar pot. Lovely stuff. But there's more - an enclosure mounted Bias control allows you to dial in your exact desired fuzz sound - no more ponderous fiddling with internal pcb mounted trimpots - the control is there, offering itself up, bold as brass, ready to be tinkered with at will. Completely handbuilt, the 3D Astro Beast uses specially selected silicon transistors mounted on hand cut printed circuit board, a quality 3PDT footswitch for true bypass, and features all new UTTERLY terrifying 70s sci-fi horror film inspired artwork.

The 3D Astro Beast is handcrafted in the UK by Nine of Swords effects using high quality caps, a top spec ultra-robust 3PDT switch for true bypass and high quality input and output jacks all of which are housed in a sturdy diecast enclosure. It can be powered by a standard Boss style centre-negative 9vdc power adaptor (not supplied), or I can fit a battery clip if required.

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