NIG FZD Multi Fuzz and Vintage Distortion



FZD is a two-in-one pedal. Distortion combines very high gain with vintage timbre. fuzz offers three different modes: first mode is a little smoother, with overdrive characteristic depending on settings. Second mode is more aggressive, achieving the most intense saturation. Third mode combines fuzz with an analog octaver.

Both effects can be turned on at the same time to create incredible sounds.

Main Resources:

  • 3 distortion controls: “tone”, “dist.” and “level”.
  • 3 fuzz controls: “power”, “mode” and “level”.
  • analog octaver with fuzz's third mode.
  • use all effects at the same time.
  • use distortion as a versatile independent booster.
  • use fuzz as a versatile analog octaver.


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