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This pedal is for those people who love a warm cruchy overdrive. Great for warm smooth solos and atmospheric chords.

The pedal has been fully hand made, from the PCB's to the hand painted exterior. The pedal includes a true bypass circuit, to keep that true guitar sound from your guitar when the pedal is off. It also includes quality components for many years of rocking out. A 9v battery or a normal boss 9v power supply will get this pedal powered up.

There are 3 pots which control the drive, tone and volume of the pedal. Also, this pedal includes 3 switches, feel, low and high. As you can guess, the low and high are low/high pass cutoffs. Where as the feel changes the clipping diodes within the pedal, to give you that slight different sound. These help add to the versatility of the pedal.

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