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Nexihum Sound Cult

The TONEBURST is the synthesis of tradition and innovation, it matches very well with most of the British style amplifiers but works at its best with the glorious Marshall Plexi. In this edition, the controls are standard, namely Volume, Tone and Burst (fuzz).

Given its excellent quality in terms of distortion, with the BURST knob quite low it is already far from clean or crunch grounds. In this case, the so underrated volume knob on your guitar will help you. Sigh ... 😔 !! By turning it down, you will calm down the sound barrier this small box may generate.

The mid tones here are prevailing and well recognizable thanks to their "squareness". Inside, a trimmer is mounted on the circuit to optimize the bias on the third transistor. In some versions, the trimmer is also put on the first and second transistor in order to get a more accurate and customizable setup. Variations in ambient temperature, as well as in transistor temperature, during their use, may sensibly alter the pedal sound features.

There are a lot of ToneBender versions and clones, but Nexihum builds it with its identifiable style. 

Depending on the availability of appropriate transistors, it can be assembled in every possible way, that is to say with germanium transistors PNP type, NPN type, PNP with polarity inverter module, perfect to easily share the power supply with other pedals.


I can assemble the ToneBurst with three working modes. 

  • With PNP type transistors
  • With NPN type transistors
  • With PNP type transistors combined with a polarity inverter module (called voltage inverter)

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