Nexihum Sound Cult DoubleFace v1


Nexihum Sound Cult

A project derived from the old style 100% germanium Fuzz Face circuit.
The good quality of the sound of this pedal comes from both the huge amount of harmonics and the gradual increase of compression connected to the ampli saturation level. The use of audio grade components and the combination of two particular vintage Valvo and Mullard transistors have made possible a fluid and detailed control on both distortion and tone, through the guitar knobs. It is possible to gradually pass from a clean to a distorted sound, retaining excellent dynamics and detail at very low volumes, too.
The transparent and touch-responsive sound keeps a generous cristallinity whatever is the volume on the guitar. Unlike many other similar fuzz pedals, there is always a large amount of high frequencies at your disposal.
The Gain knob controls distortion on low frequencies at the circuit's input, whereas the Burst increases distortion on mid frequencies, characterizing the typical crunch sound of germanium devices. The Middle control brings mid frequencies into focus, altering their presence. Their timbre feature is specifically connected to the typologies of transistors combined in this project.
Thanks to its great versatility, it works very well with any kind of pickup or ampli.

Made using totally true-bypass mechanical wiring, it includes a section with an additional circuit for polarity inversion, conceived to share the external 'Boss-style' power supply with other pedals. This section does not affect the output sound at all.

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