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This project includes the qualities of a fuzz-distortion both for guitar and bass. It is based on a clipping variator that incisively characterizes the attack and the harmonics of your sound. Depending on the selected typology of clipping, adjusting the several controls, it is possible to go in search of the 'G-spot', an ideal and narrow area with specific punch and harmonics. Acting on the BLEND control, it is possible to mix dry and wet sound, extremely interacting with your pickups' features. The tone control consists of a passive low-pass filter. With the CLIPPING control set on the GERM mode, it generates a distortion that has a soft punch and is rich in harmonics, whereas in the other positions the sound is sharper and harsher. Changing the Clipping mode and according to the general settings, there could be abrupt changes in volume. Perfect for studio performances, it is among the best devices conceived for a very extreme experimentation.

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