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Nexihum Sound Cult

This project is based on the glorious Rangemaster with some improvements, such as the Range control on the input section that allows to cut the EQ according to your pickup/guitar setting. This pedal is as simple as great. It sounds good with almost of all tube amps with high and low impedance. You can leave the Master all the way up and find the right amount of drive just rolling your guitar's volume knob. It works well with almost all single-coil and humbucker equipped guitars. The heart of the pedal is a Russian NOS military grade germanium transistor from the late 70's. It has been specifically selected for a medium gain to obtain a huge sound, high range of volume, dynamics and presence on every single note. It helps you to sustain the crunchy riffs. Set it to the max for a soft clipping and penetrating lead sound focused on the mids, rich of harmonics but still balanced. You can really compare it with fuzz or distortion pedals! Built with premium components (like the original ones) and equipped with ultra bright led, Circuit protection diode and anti-pop resistances. It can be powered by a standard 9 volts battery or a power supply with a positive centre pin.

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