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Versatile and fluid, it is a combination of an overdrive and a booster that finds the best place in blues and jazz sounds. Born to create fluid and creamy tones, it is transparent and highly touch-sensitive, and it cleans up simply with the guitar volume. Ideal for a sound in Larry Carlton’s style. It perfectly interfaces with any kind of amplifier and pick-up. It is built with selected and professional audio components. It includes the following controls:

VOLUME: A very generous amount compared to the average. Turning the knob up to 12 o'clock it works as a booster, keeping clean tones.

TONE: It gives presence to high frequencies, but with a rather modest increase, never becoming too hard or crystalline.

SPARKLE: It determines the true cut on the EQ by increasing or decreasing the gain on the low or high harmonics. Turning the knob anticlockwise, it tends to increase low frequencies and reduce the gain. Turning the knob clockwise, it increases high harmonics by considerably interacting with the Gain control.

GAIN: Its intensity is of a medium level. Turned at 12 o'clock, it keeps a clean sound on individual notes, while it literally gets dirty when playing chords vigorously, always retaining definite lows.

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