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This intriguing and exhaustive project will satisfy those guitarists who love passing gradually from the full sound of an overdrive to the acid and full-of-harmonics sound of a distortion pedal. All this is possible thanks to the crucial Volume knob on the guitar, without losing detail and control on the general sound.

The circuit makes use of the dual gain stage of a particular and fine OAMPS (Dual Audio Operational Amplifier), which is biased by means of a voltage divider on the signal path.

It ranges from a definite sound with a compact punch, similar to Steve Stevens', to Slash's extreme gain and to the plenty-of-harmonics punch in the style of Van Halen.

Through the equalization section, which is also very responsive, it is possible to adjust the passband in detail on the mid and high harmonics. To do this you have two knobs, BODY for the mids and SCRATCH for the highs; the latter also makes the sound really scratchy as you increase the gain through the BURST knob.

The clipping section, named COMPRESSION, allows three different cuts on the compression curve. With the switch in the central position, you get a sound with a clearer and sharper punch, since the clipping is influenced by the presence of two LEDs. In position ONE a mosfet stage is activated, whereas in position TWO you switch on a stage with two different silicon diodes. Every position of the switch can generate a slight variation in the sound volume, depending on the kind of pickups, amps and setups used.

Thanks to its dynamic response and its rather soft mid frequencies, it allows you to play powerful rhythmic sequences on chords, especially if using the palm muting technique, exploiting in this way the quick attack and the solid punch you have when picking the strings. The highs supply is almost infinite and benefits those who heavily use Volume and Tone knobs on the guitar. On single notes and solos, definition and sustain prove the qualities of this pedal, which places itself in a wide range of musical genres, from blues to heavy rock.

In addition to the unquestioned quality of the operational circuit, the sound is made clean and noiseless by a power supply section that is properly filtered and protected by a diode in order to avoid fortuitous inversions of polarity. It can be powered on by an inner 9V battery or also externally, by a 'Boss-style' power supply with a negative pole on the central tip of the plug. It has true-bypass mechanical wiring.

The excellence of the circuit and the undisputed quality of its components, typical of Nexihum's projects, together with the manufacturing precision make this device a professional and collector's instrument, which should meet the curiosity of all musicians.

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