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The "Ooh´la`Buff" is a our version of a Buffer / Line Driver. But it is a totally different concept as normal. Born on the idea that"all" Tuners in the signal path color the tone (as long as they not on true bypass), the "Ooh´la`Buff" has a Tuner output called "T" and if necessary you can mute the main output with the MUTE switch (Indicated with a blue Led). The main output called "Iso", this is a transformer balanced output, if you like you can run symmetrically. It matches perfect for following effects, amps and also very well direct into a mixing console or for sound cards. The goal was to catch all tone which comes from your instrument, eliminate sound loss due to cables and give that rich signal to the components behind.

It has a input impedance five times higher than a normal amp. Then the signal get buffered, split and at least it runs through the transformer which matches the output impedance for the following units. That´s different to normal Buffers and Line Drivers on the market. The "Ooh´la`Buff" is able to work also with the most vintage fuzz boxes. This is normally a problem between buffers and fuzz boxes. To match it in big systems or direct to desk it contains a "Ground lift" and a "Phase reverse" switch to solve all trouble you can get. This tool is highly recommended tool in any system. Because this tool is not able to run on batteries, it contains a "Power in" jack standard size (M 2,1), which is able to take 8 - 15V, doesn't matter if AC or DC, as long it can deliver at least 100mA. A good choice for that is a Boss PSA Series in stand alone systems or if you using a multi effects setup the Voodoo Lab Multi Power II is recommended to prevent ground loop trouble.

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