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The Taniwha Fuzz by NH Electronics is based on the original Dallas Arbiter Fuzz Face and sounds as epic as the ones used by Hendrix, Clapton and Page - if played by them :^) Apart from all the legendary tones the Fuzz Face is known for, it features added 'contour' and 'bias' controls, not unlike Fulltone's '69. This will let you dial in a vast array of additional fuzz tones! From a classic Fuzz Face, sputtery-no-sustain fuzz, "synthy" violin Fuzz to milder "overdriven" fuzz tones.

We use NOS Germanium PNP Matsushita transistors*, one of the best sounding next to original NKT275's. (real NKT275's are nearly impossible to find.) They are measured, matched and audited for the best possible tone. Hand built in NZ with components such as sealed alpha pots, switchcraft jacks and mill spec pcb to ensure rock solid operation.

Featuring a "Jade Metallic" paintjob with "glow in the dark" decal and a 1st class "military spec" circuit board, it's a stunner of a conversation piece. It comes with it's own Flax purse, user manual and a fresh battery installed. It features a limited lifetime warranty on manufacturing defects with worldwide service.

Only 10 were made to date (11/2009). All units are hand numbered and signed in dedication to each buyer individually! Bid with confidence and you could own one of New Zealand's rarest, most amazing sounding and coolest looking guitar effects!

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