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Neunaber Technology

Neunaber XD-1 Experimental Drive

I used to work for a guitar amplifier company, where I designed a modeling amp. I wanted to take what I learned - then and in the twenty years since - and create a new drive circuit. Although inspired by tube amps, this drive would push beyond what is possible with tubes and transistors.

My goal is a drive that:

  • Works well at any gain setting
  • "Gives" without sounding compressed
  • Cleans up gracefully with a guitar's volume knob
  • Sounds balanced with smooth, even harmonics
  • Has simple, flexible, non-interacting EQ controls

The XD-1 (eXperimental Drive 1) is a proof of concept submitted for your evaluation. We do not plan to produce it as-is; however, if/when we make some version of it, its final form will depend largely on your feedback. Let us know what you think.

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