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ChromaChorus™ is a new spin on an old idea. Chorus is great for getting that thick, shimmering sound; but the constant warbling—the pitch changing up and down, up and down—can become fatiguing. So why not use micro-pitch transposition instead? In fact, many musicians have been doing this for years, usually with expensive rack gear.

ChromaChorus™ simply puts this in an easy-to-use pedal.

ChromaChorus™ was designed to be an always-on effect. Easy to dial in, it ranges from extremely subtle to thick & liquid, or anywhere in-between. There are no unusable settings.

And the ChromaChorus™ pedal is made to be simple. If you're a knob twiddler, ChromaChorus™ may not be for you. There is no Speed knob—don't need one. Just Mix and Width:

  • Mix controls the amount of effect, from 100% dry to 100% wet. You can easily get subtle chorusing by turning the Mix knob down.
  • Width controls the amount of pitch transposition, from none ("tripling" with slow movement) to +/- several cents.


  • Simple two-knob adjustment results in a surprisingly wide range of sounds
  • Very high input impedance: no "tone suck"
  • Analog dry mix for low noise and zero latency
  • Selectable buffered or unbuffered bypass
  • Unity-gain design
  • Long battery life with low battery indicator
  • Small footprint
  • Compatible with standard center-negative 9V power supply (not included)
  • Works with series/parallel FX loops or in front of an amp
  • Manufactured in Santa Ana, California USA


How is micro-pitch transposition different than pitch modulation? You're familiar with how a chorus usually sounds: the chorused signal changes in pitch—sweeping up and down, up and down—around the pitch of the dry signal. This is called modulation. Pitch transposition, on the other hand, is a constant relative offset in pitch. ChromaChorus™ uses two pitch-transposed voices, offset by +/- a few cents and controlled by the Width knob, to create a chorused sound without the up-and-down sweeping of a standard chorus. The resulting effect is more natural, more like multiple voices in unison.

Of course, this means that you can't get vibrato or tremolo-like sounds from the ChromaChorus™. There are plenty of fine choruses that will get you that sound, and ChromaChorus™ is meant to be a different animal. However, if you find yourself constantly turning down the speed knob on your chorus to alleviate that spinning feeling, then ChromaChorus™ might be worth checking out.

But is it analog? Because, "if it's not analog, it sucks"—right? Wrong. Actually, "analog" chorus is not really analog. My philosophy is: it doesn't matter what technology you use, as long as it sounds great.

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