Neo-Classic Effects


    Neo-Classic Effects is run by Steve N. Mavronis in Baltimore, Maryland USA.

    Timeline (by Steve Mavronis)

    • January 2010 - Started researching how to build a pedal from scratch.
    • May 2010 - Completed my first pedal project on my wife Greta's kitchen countertop and self-branded it as the Neo-Classic 741 Overdrive, building two copies at the same time. I shipped the bare-metal prototype to American neoclassical guitarist Dean Cascione as a gift for his evaluation and feedback. He used to to record his instrumental version of Never More for the Ronnie James Dio charity "Magic" album.
    • May 2011 - Built myself a 'spare' Neo-Classic 741 Overdrive with slightly revised PCB layout and neater internal wiring.
    • June 2011 - Dean Cascione releases his second self-produced album Neoclassical Fire using the pedal I gave him for all his lead overdrive parts!
    • September 2011 - Completed my second pedal project called Neo-Classic 3080 Compressor, again building two with one sent to Dean Cascione as a gift of appreciation for all his support.

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