Nemphasis Z-Pro


Impedance adapter, buffer, for professional use. The Z-PRO, connected between instrument and amplifier or effects chain is able to keep unaltered the tone colour of the instrument thanks to a perfect impedance matching. Particularly useful when the connection between instrument and amplifier/mixer is considerably long (over 4 m) or the effects chain is composed of true bypass pedals.

The Z-PRO Buffer does not need to be activated, as it does not introduce gain but only adjusts the impedance. Therefore it is recommended to keep it permanently switched on.

Thanks to its small size (38 X 92 mm) it can be included into any pedalboard.

Features and technical details:

  • Scrupulously searched out and selected electronic components
  • Full analog
  • Jack input / output 6.3 mm 1/4" on the sides
  • Power supply from 9 to 18 volts DC through external battery or regulated power supply.
  • The external power supply is possible via 2.1 mm-plug with negative centre (standard Boss)
  • Recommended power supply Nemphasis Oktopus
  • Current consumption about 15 mA
  • Dimensions (mm): 38 X 35 X92

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