Nelsound Effects Apex Fuzz

Various (2003)

The Apex Fuzz is a Big Muff Clone with increased clarity, sustain, and ability to clean up using the volume knob on your guitar. The prototype was completed March 28th of 2003. I use the highest quality of components, such as Switchcraft jacks, metal film resistors, die-cast aluminum enclosures, 3PDT switches, etc... The controls are (left to right) Gain, Level, and Tone. It can get great "woman" tone and smashing pumpkins style rhythm distortion fuzzyness. With the guitar's volume knob rolled back you have awesomely warm subtle fuzz. The enclosure is 4.7x2.4x1.6 inches and is sanded, buffed, polished, and finally covered with a clear coat for a smooth shining metal finish.

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