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High quality transparent overdive based on the Tubescreamer, but with a lot of differences including better opamp, different clipping stage and 3 way selector for 3 different sounds: booster, overdrive and fat (fullrange) overdrive-distortion sound. It uses a 2 layer PCB and all capacitors are quality WIMA.

N-Audio about v3

I got the idea of classic overdrives with 3 knobs – drive, level and tone, but in this pedal there a more features.

There is 3 way small switch which can change 3 presets:

  • Booster with very tiny overdrive and lack of bass – simulating old style germanium boosters. Ideal for funky music. This preset is ideal for boosting dirty channel of the amp
  • Classic overdrive preset with a similar to tube screamer frequency characteristic
  • Fat overdrive-distortion with more bottom

Also there is a middle booster (boost-cut) with small on-off switch and a small potentiometer which controls the boost/cut. The frequency of this mid-boost can be selected by a small dip-switch by changing one of 4 fixed frequencies: 600Hz, 700Hz, 800Hz and 1Khz. This mid booster is a great feature. With this option the overdrive sound gets more color.

And finally – there is 2 types of bypass which can be changed with small switch inside the pedal: true bypass and buffered bypass. Buffered bypass can be from 1:1 with the original signal up to +14db boost. This feature is useful when pressing bypass the signal becomes too quiet. I think that this pedal is the first one with this option :)

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