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High-end vocoder, usable as effect plug-in and vocoder-based synthesizer/sampler. High-resolution FFT engine with up to 1024 frequency bands for the utmost transparency, plus group mode to emulate classic vocoders. The included full-featured synthesizer can be switched to a granular re-synthesis sampler.

The graphic displays show the spectral composition of the audio signals. The main display also servers as a graphic EQ for drawing in precise filter curves for the output signal.

Vokator fuses two signals: Input A can receive external signals or signals form the integrated tapedeck, while Input B can be set to external signals, a full-featured synthesizer, or a time-stretching granular sampler. Each input offers spectral modulation effects, a delay, and a dynamics section.

Advanced synthesizer with two oscillators, FM, Ring modulation, multi-mode filter, LFO, arpeggiator, envelope generators, velocity dynamics, and shaper. The two oscillators can be replaced with a re-synthesizing granular sampler, which allows start, loop, pitch, and speed modulation for new sonic results.

The innovative morph function opens a new sonic dimension by allowing smooth transitions between up to five synthesizer presets. The morphing is controllable in real-time by the modulation wheel.

Modulation breathes life into the sounds: LFO's, envelope followers, voiced/unvoiced detectors, and step sequencers can modulate nearly any of the Vokator parameters. Straightforward assignment of modulation guarantees the highest ease-of-use.

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