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Napalm Whammy Blender – Wet/Dry Blender for Digitech Whammy

The Napalm Whammy Blender blends the Digitech whammys ‘dry’ & ‘wet’ outputs together, Allowing much more flexibility and versatility.

The 'Digitech Whammy' combined with the 'Napalm Whammy Blender' is by far the most versatile pitch shifter/octaver with full control over the dry/wet blend, not to mention all the crazy FX that can be created.

Connection Instructions:

  • Plug the ‘wet’ & ‘dry’ outputs of the 'Digitech Whammy' into the ‘wet’ & ‘dry’ inputs of the ‘Napalm Whammy Blender’.
  • Plug your amp (or input of your next effect) into the ‘out’ of the ‘Napalm whammy Blender’.
  • When the switch is ‘down’ the blend knob is engaged.
  • When the switch is ‘up’ the blend knob is bypassed & the whammy will act as it normally does.

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