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Napalm Pedals

The ‘Napalm M.O.M' evokes crazy noises from your effects pedals; Delays repeat infinitely, Distortions generate synth like drones & tones, Phasers & Flangers swoosh & swoop like alien spaceships & deep-sea monsters. Different pedals (or combination of pedals) react differently, Twiddle the knobs on your pedals to alter & control the chaos, the options are endless.


  • Plug your guitar (or output of previous effect) into the ‘in' of the ‘Napalm M.O.M',
  • Plug your amp (or input of your next effect) into the ‘out' of the ‘Napalm M.O.M',
  • Plug the input of your effect/s into the ‘2 Fx' of the ‘Napalm M.O.M',
  • Plug the output of your effect/s into the ‘From Fx' of the ‘Napalm M.O.M'.
  • The Feedback knob controls the amount of the effect/s ‘output' is sent back to its 'input'.
  • The result ranges from subtlety enhancing the effect, right up to a tumbling cacophony of noise
  • The ‘Volume Knob' is a passive volume cut to tame the beast.
  • The footswitches operate the feedback loop and the Rainbow LED. When the Rainbow LED is illuminated the feedback loop is engaged.
  • The footswitch on the left is latching and on the right is momentary.

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