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Napalm Pedals

The Napalm Boosta: a transparent true bypass preamp/booster pedal with a gain knob & a red LED.

The high input impedance of the Napalm Boosta retains the clarity & high frequency's normally lost from guitar pickups. Cranking the gain knob past approx ¾, the Boosta gently distorts and adds a bit of grit ideal for overloading a valve amp into dream tone. The Napalm Boosta also features a 'high frequency cut' knob.

When the red LED is illuminated the Napalm Boosta is engaged. When the LED is off, the Napalm Boosta is true bypassed (meaning the signal quality & tone is unaffected).

Jacks are ‘In' & ‘Out' & a 9v dc for power.

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