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The Minotaur is a versatile Analog distortion and overdrive pedal that can produce a mild crunch to a high gain distortion while preserving the dynamics of your playing. The multi-gain stage design has a high impedance input that preserves the harmonics of your natural guitar tone and brings a clarity to your sound that is lost in many high gain pedals. The controls include pre-boost, gain and master volume knobs, and a 3-way toggle switch that enables Silicon, Germanium, or Bypass clipping modes. Using a combination of pre-boost/gain/volume knob settings along with the three toggle switch positions gives you a wide range of usable tones. The Bypass clipping mode along with the Pre-boost gain stage overdriving the 2nd gain stage provides major distortion and volume without diode clipping. Additional Soft and Hard Clipping can be selected by the 3-way toggle switch. Switching between Hard and Soft clipping modes maintains a near constant volume unlike many pedals, so the master volume can be left alone when changing modes. By incorporating premium components such as high tolerance film capacitors and professional engineering design practices, we have managed to create a distortion pedal that achieves high gain without excessive noise.

The Minotaur is built into a compact aluminum enclosure that saves precious pedalboard space. This also makes it easy to fit into your existing pedalboard for an expanded sound pallete.

Althought the Minotaur works wonders in front of a nice tube amplifer, it also sounds great as a frontend to your computer audio interface and software cab simulators for direct recording applications. The high input impedance and Bypass clipping mode will boost your guitar signal into your audio interface line level input and provide a natural distorted tone.

The Minotaur requires a standard 9V DC, 2.1mm Negative tip power adapter such as a Danelectro® DA-1, Boss® PSA or 1-Spot® Adapter(Not Included).

  • 100% Analog Circuitry
  • Handmade in the USA
  • Compact enclosure is approximately half the size other commercial pedals (3.6" x 1.5")
  • Multi Gain Stage design with independent control knobs for amazing tone flexibilty
  • Master Volume control knob for monster gain at low volume
  • 3-Way Clipping selection for Hard, Soft, and Bypass modes (Silicon, Germanium, Bypass)
  • Powdercoated aluminum enclosure and rugged construction
  • Highest quality components throughout including Switchcraft Jacks, film capacitors, long-life pots
  • True Bypass Operation (will not "suck" tone when bypassed)
  • Bright LED ON/OFF Indicator
  • Durable textured LEXAN graphics will not fade, scratch, or peel
  • Minimal volume change when switching between Silicon and Germanium clipping modes

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