Myrtle Pedals TS808 TubeScreamer


Myrtle Pedals

Handmade and handpainted Tubescreamer TS808 clone, the two output resistors of the pedal have been set by ear to give the raw, gutsy 808 sound. Burr Brown opamp used, doesn't make a collosal difference on a Tubescreamer but reduces the noise relative to a JRC4558. Resistors are carbon film and caps are largely Panasonic with one Mallory on the first coupling cap.

The switch changes between more open, chunky asymmetric germanium diodes and tighter symmetric silicon. The middle position of the switch is diodes off for a whopping great gain boost, much of the tubescreamer flavour hammering the input of your amp.

Abstract stylings painted by hand as a one off by David George.

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