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Can jab, maim, growl and scream. The Gardy Loo was made to celebrate the tonal and amplificatory qualities of classic Germanium transistors. Capable of chiming, trebley boost through to falling apart distortion, she isn't quite laid out in the usual fashion (if there is such a thing in the world of guitar pedals). A switch on the side sets the pedal to treble (chimey, less breakup) or full range (more low end, distortion). Each knob then changes the feedback characteristics of one of the two germanium transistors inside, broadly speaking the left determines gain and the right is more subtle allowing you to destabilise the sound or tighten it up.

A tweaker's friend and capable of some classic germanium tones for those in search of that sweet sound. Uses carbon film resistors as well as Panasonic, Lelon and Evox Rifa capacitors. This partcular Gardy Loo has Mullard OC81 and Sony 2SD370 transistors inside, both a bit more full range than trebly, like some OC series transistors can be.

One off paint job by David George.

Myrtle Pedals

The Gardy Loo is a celebration of Germanium. A lovely element allowing all kinds of barks, bleets and strange conniptions. This chap comes with a pair capable of boosting and blasting and as it is socketed you can use your own. I also have a fair stock of transistors (OC75, OC81, 2n1403, 2sd370 amongst other), if you wish to purchase some different flavours drop me a message or leave a note on checkout.

Uses WIMA, Xicon, Neutrik, Alpha and Carling components.

Happiest interacting with different pickup combinations, volume settings and tone controls at the guitar itself. Intended to enhance pure tone, add grit and spank the odd valve amp when needed. Can also do a pretty good impression of a Rangemaster on steroids adding a little overdrive.

Has a 9v power supply socket and comes with battery.


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