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Corvid Fuzz, clone of a Coloursound Jumbo Tonebender with a couple of minor tweaks and one fairly major one. The tone stack has been changed from the early Big Muff style on the original, the loss of mid range and radical tone shaping of a Muff stack gives a characteristic sound. However it can hamper the attack of the bass and only a few degrees of rotation in either direction gives a "useful" sound. So a flat mids tone stack has been used, so all the attack is there all the time but huge low end or extra fizz can be dimed in on the pedal.

Uses 2n3904 and MPSA18 transistors, carbon film resistors, Panasonic caps, Neutrik jacks, Alpha pots and the 3PDT switch is from Small Bear Electronics.

Hand painted by David George.

Knob layout follows retro Big Muff convention, Volume, Tone, Sustain.

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