My Dad Is Iggy Texas Blues Luca Zaverini signature edition


My Dad Is Iggy

Authentic, analog warm, tubey overdrive for guitar.

This version of the Texas Blues is Germanium based for a warmer blues sound and the maximum Output gain is +21dB.

Thanks to Luca Zaverini to develop this pedal with me.


  • Volume: controls the output volume
  • Tone: bass and high control
  • Drive: amount of overdrive

Features & specifications:

  • Input impedance: 500 kohms.
  • Output impedance: 10 kohms.
  • Maximum Output Gain: +21 dB
  • Runs on a 9V battery (not included) or 9V center negative power supply wall wart. Power from the internal 9-volt battery is activated by plugging into the INPUT jack. The input cable should be removed when the unit is not in use to avoid running down the battery.
  • Aluminium case
  • Compact, pedalboard friendly size
  • True bypass switching with LED
  • Hand built in the UK with quality components
  • 1-year warranty
  • Dimensions:
    • Width: 65mm (2.5")
    • Height: 110mm (4.5")
    • Depth: 50mm (2")

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