My Dad Is Iggy Taxi Overdrive - Diego Arrigoni signature Overdrive


My Dad Is Iggy

Pedal developed for Diego Arrigoni (Modà - FixForb)

Analog, warm, tube like overdrive for guitar.

This pedal has two operating modes:

  1. more boost type with light/smooth/bluesy overdrive
  2. more rich, for evil rock  \--/


  • Volume (Hotel): controls the output volume
  • Tone (Home): EQ control
  • Drive (Airport): overdrive amount (gain)
  • Mode switch: 2 overdrive modes.


  • Input impedance: 500 kohms.
  • Output impedance: 10 kohms.
  • Maximum Output Gain: +32 dB.
  • Runs on a 9V battery (not included) or 9V center negative power supply wall wart (not included).
  • Aluminium case: (111x60x32mm).

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