My Dad Is Iggy Profondo Rosso


My Dad Is Iggy

This pedal it’s an excellent little compressor with transparent/clean and warm compression action. The attack of each note is compressed and the decay of the note is brought up. Main feature is a natural sound.

This is a very particular type of compressor which is capable to give to the player (with particular setup) a light overdrive if notes are played hardly. The interesting thing about the design of this pedal, is that there is not a input gain filter like all the others compressors on the market. Doing that the player will not have the sensation of loss in dynamics.

It’s is the perfect compressor for acoustic and semi-acoustic guitars or it can be good for electric guitar players looking for a delicate and natural compression. This compressor is very good also on bass because it doesn’t cut the low-end frequencies, so much important for bass players.


  • Volume: output volume control
  • Peak reduction: Threshold control.
  • Mode switch: Mode 1: extremely smooth compression
  • Mode 2: medium compression
  • Internal trim-pot: bias setting.

Runs on a 9V battery (not included) or 9V center negative power supply wall wart.

Aluminium case (111x60x32mm).

The name comes from an Italian horror movie from the 70's: Profondo rosso (Deep Red) by Dario Argento.

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