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ве-ра • /veer-uh/: true to the original

The classic tube amp tone and grind that has fueled countless recordings and live performances was my inspiration for the вера bass overdrive. The вера pumps out authentic low end with the conviction that up to now was only found in vintage vacuum tube amplifiers.

вера faithfully recreates the tone and feel of these classic amps via a real vacuum tube, at high voltage, and controlled by a deceptively simple yet powerful user interface.


  • Real tube amp tone and feel in a pedalboard friendly size enclosure with space saving top-mount jacks.
  • Vary your attack (finger-style or pick) or use your volume control to voice your growl and tone.
  • For even greater flexibility foot-switch between GAIN 1 & 2 for the ultimate in versatility from an overdrive pedal.


  • 100% Vacuum Tube Overdrive
  • 100% Analog
  • True Bypass
  • Record Out
  • Dual Gain
  • Made in USA
  • 5 Year Warranty
  • 12v AC Power Supply (included)


  • Premium Vacuum Tube
  • Switchcraft Jacks
  • Ceramic Tube Socket
  • 3PDT True-Bypass Switching
  • Belden Wire
  • Alpha Pots
  • 1% Resistors

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