MXR M-120 Auto Q


  • Range
    Controls frequency floor of effect.
  • "Q"
    Adjusts the intensity of the wah effect.
  • Volume
    Controls overall effect volume (inactive in bypass mode).
  • Band (Lo/Mid/Hi)
    Selects favored frequency range of effect.
  • Decay
    Controls dropoff decay of wah effect.
  • Blend
    Controls mix between wah and shimmer.
  • Rate
    Controls the speed of the shimmer effect.



Using textures to enhance your sound enhances your personality as a player and can contribute substantially to defining your signature as an artist.. Whether on record or played live, the magic of an exquisite musical texture played in an inspired moment can be the stuff that launches legends or cements them in history. With the MXR Auto Q for guitar your own moments of magic await you. The Auto Q can instantly "funkify" your sound and especially exceeds when applied to sustained notes and chords. Incorporated into even the simplest rhythms and lead lines the Auto Q can create dramatic, counter rhythmical textural effects. Some of the more basic features of the Auto Q include volume and decay controls while the "Q" and range and controls provide for super precision attenuation to accentuate even the subtlest but critical nuances of an expressive sound. Dial in the variable shimmer effect that is unique to the Auto Q by tweaking the rate and blend controls to determine the shimmer effect's dominance against the auto Q effect. Encased in a classic MXR, indestructible black metal housing, the control stencils and pointer knobs are intelligently screened in "glow in the dark" stencil for performances on dark stages. Powering the Auto Q is your choice by either opting for a DC 9 volt or AC wall adapter. Another important option for powering the Auto Q as well as all floor based effects is the Dunlop DC power brick.


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MXR M-120 Auto Q

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