MXR Custom Shop CSP-265 Joe Bonamassa FET Driver



Jeorge Tripps (January 18, 2012)

The FET Driver will not be at NAMM. The Joe Bonamassa version is only for JB...

The MXR Custom Shop CSP265 Fet Driver Pedal is the latest Joe Bonamassa pedal to be released from MXR. For some time the prototype of the Fet Driver was a mystery pedal that had been spotted on the pedal board of Mr Bonamassa.

The Fet Driver is based on the Chandler tube driver pedal made famous by Dave Gilmour, Eric Johnson and Stevie Ray Vaughan.

Only 500 of these pedals are being made so order yours quickly to add your name to the list of famous players using this pedal.

The MXR Custom Shop Fet Driver features:

  • Organic, amp-like overdrive
  • Two band eq section for detailed shaping of distorted signal
  • True bypass switching

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