MXR Innovations was founded in 1972 by Keith Barr (who later founded Alesis) and Terry Sherwood (who co-founded ART) who owned an audio repair store in Rochester, New York. Michael Laiacona (later founder of Whirlwind) was an early employee.

MXR went bankrupt in 1984 and the name was bought by Jim Dunlop who reissued a lot of the old pedals and added new models to the MXR catalog.

Rose Sherwood (Terry Sherwood's widow)

Keith Barr and Terry Sherwood knew each other in high school. Keith moved out West and Terry went to RIT. Terry wanted to form an audio repair business and went out to California to persuade Keith to start the business with him. MXR grew out of their working together at Audio Services. MXR started in the basement of the house Terry and his wife rented. Keith and Terry incorporated in 1974.

Michael Laiacona was an early employee who really helped hustle the first products produced. Michael was a musician so he used his skills to attract his musician friends to try the Phase 90 boxes that were made. And through his actions, in and around Rochester, the business took off.

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