MWFX Epic Wave Machine



Providing the guitarist and bass guitarists a chance to enter Synth Land, The Wave Machine acts like a VCO module for your guitar. By implementing wave shaping techniques similar to those used in many vintage analog synthesizers, the guitarist (or bassist/keyboardist) is provided with five wave shapes, Saw, Triangle, Sine, Pulse and Square.

There are no digital effects here. It wont track your input pitch, so it wont wobble about trying to make one note from a chord. On the flip side, it isn't polyphonic. The output waveform inter-modulates and distorts chords, producing a unique type of 'fuzz'.

The Wave Machine has a mix control for blending the effect with the unaffected signal, making it perfect for bassists. The Epic version allows the user to simultaneously mix each waveform for creating unique wave-shapes. Further inclusions are the Tone and 'Dynamics' controls. When Dynamics are fully turned up the amplitude follows the input envelope, when turned down the output signal is flat, linear and gated.

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