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Implementing discrete analog circuitry, the Tape effect simulates the warmth and smooth saturation that ferrite tape provides. By splitting your signal into three bands it is possible to introduce seperate soft distortions across the frequency range and control the balance with three interior 'setting' potentiometers.

Designed as a compressor come overdrive, at lower gain settings this pedal introduces soft compression to your signal with bright overtones, perfect for boosting weaker pickups, bass guitar or for placing at the end of your effects line for extra pressure and clarity. As the gain is introduced, smooth clipping occurs at various frequencies in order to mimic that 'loud' sound and bring out every tenuity from your guitar or distortion. Maxing out the gain brings out some rich harmonics and turns the pedal into a beautifully responsive smooth overdrive. Used in conjunction with the saturation control you can go from a dynamic response to full on brick wall.

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