MWFX Russki



Utilising NOS Ex Russian military transistors, this all germanium overdrive/fuzz takes elements of its design from vintage Eastern Bloc fuzz circuitry. The intention was to build a powerful multi stage distortion pedal which was capable of offering a creamy "muff like" fuzz which could be backed off to allow for a sixties style overdrive. In doing this it became possible to produce a nice wide range of distortions.

By taking the Buzzby a few steps further, in some shameful stompbox based cold war analogy, this pedal packs a lot of power (in gain, not megatons). The four dials on top control drive, fuzz, tone and volume. Drive reduces the current of your input signal, this allows you to imitate vintage/low output pickups and move between tube like boost to overdrive to fuzz. The Fuzz control dictates the texture of the fuzz/distortion, Tone acts as a low pass filter and Volume controls output level.

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