MWFX Pitch Trem



A groundbreaking new type of Tremolo exclusive to MWFX - the higher the note, the faster the speed!

This highly musical tremolo and the first of it's kind, the Pitch Trem divides your signal down by an amount dictated by the 12 settings on the Rate switch. This divided signal is used as an LFO to modulate amplitude. Because each setting is an octave relative to the note you play it sounds... right.

At slowest settings (up to 12 octaves down or %4096!) the modulation is very slow, at the fastest settings (eg. %2) the modulation is so fast it acts like a strobe, going fast enough to trick the brain you are hearing an octave below, all perfectly clean without any need for a second "octave" signal. Groundbreaking? Possibly! Useful? Definately.

As always, this effect needs to be heard to be understood!

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