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MW Hand-Built Pedals

Fuzzytone hand-built hybrid germanium / silicon fuzz pedal.

this pedal to create a smooth, warm, dynamic fuzz that sounds good with a variety of guitars and amps.

The circuit is based on the Dallas Arbiter fuzz face but with numerous modifications and much fine tuning.

It uses two transistors, Q1 is a NOS silicon PNP and Q2 is a NOS germanium PNP.

This gives the best of both worlds, the clarity and stability of silicon and the warmth and mojo of germanium.

The red edition uses high gain low leakage Japanese NOS Germanium PNP transistors and is great for rock tones e.g. Queens of the Stone Age, Van Halen, Led Zeppelin,...
The blue edition uses medium gain low leakage NOS germanium PNP transistors and is great for blues tones e.g. John Mayer, S.R.V. Hendrix etc.

The controls are:

  • gain: sets the amount of fuzz
  • vol: sets the volume boost when pedal is engaged
  • tone: cuts the high frequencies
  • tone switch: bypasses tone control and makes the pedal brighter


  • Very low background noise
  • Cleans up well from guitar volume pot
  • Large amount of volume boost available
  • True bypass silent 3PDT footswitch
  • Super bright low current LED
  • NOS Mullard tone capacitor
  • Bias control to shape the fuzz
  • Luminous marker around footswitch
  • No adaptor input, supplied lithium battery lasts a very long time

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