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MW Hand-Built Pedals

I have designed this pedal to create a smooth, warm, dynamic fuzz that sounds good with a variety of guitars and amps. The circuit is based on the Dallas Arbiter fuzz face but with numerous modificatons and much fine tuning.

It uses 2 transistors, Q1 is a NOS silicon PNP item and Q2 is a NOS AC128 PNP germanium. This gives the best of both worlds, the clarity and stability of silicon and the warmth and mojo of germanium.


  • Very low background noise
  • Cleans up very well from guitar volume pot
  • Large amount of volume boost available
  • True bypass silent 3PDT footswitch
  • Super bright low current LED
  • NOS Mullard tone capacitor
  • No adaptor input, supplied lithium battery lasts a very long time

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