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The Stage Phase is an OTA (operational transconductance amplifier) based phaser that serves up lush phase tones through a combination of its four controls. Unlike most basic phasers that only have a speed control, the Phase Stage allows a player the versatility of dialing in additional parameters like the wet-to-dry signal ratio, LFO waveform shaping, and a volume control to dial in unity gain. It also does not use feedback in the circuit like other OTA-based phasers. It has a more pure phase tone that is not overly filtered sounding.

The B2 (Blue 2-stage) features the unique "vibe" flavored sound of a two stage phaser.


  • Volume: Adjusts the overall output level. No need to worry about any cut in your volume level when engaging the effect. This will let you dial in unity gain or even provide a slight boost if desired.
  • Pulse: This controls the biasing to the LFO (low frequency oscillator) in the modulation circuit. By adjusting this bias, the frequency and wave shape are effected. Fully CCW will produce an even waveform. Very smooth phasing. Turning up the control will do as the name implies and produce a stronger, more asymmetrical waveform. This will also cause the maximum available speed to decrease. Slower speeds with the pulse knob turned up will have a more pronounced phase cycle.
    The Pulse control on the 2B model has a major effect on the amount of vibe effect. More subtle phase with it set fully CCW. Turning it up will produce that distinctive, swaying throb that is associated with the vibe sound.
  • Speed: Sets the rate of modulation. The maximum speed will vary depending on where the Pulse knob is set.
  • Blend: Controls the overall mix between the clean(dry) signal and the phase-shifted(wet) signal. With this knob set halfway, an even mix of both signal produces the traditional setting for a phaser. Achieve a more subtle effect by dialing in more clean, or set it fully CW for pitch bending vibrato. Even try a hybrid mix of phase with vibrato.
    The Blend knob is extremely useful when using the Stage Phase with overdrive or distortion to set exactly how pronounced you want the effect to be. It will sound best when place before dirt pedals.


  • True Bypass Footswitch w/ LED indicator
  • 9V DC power (adapter only: standard 2.1mm barrel plug - negative center)
  • 125B Size Diecast Aluminum Enclosure
  • Powder-Coated finish w/ Silk Screen

Overall Dimensions (including jacks and knobs):

  • (4.81" L) x (2.90" W) x (2.20" H)
  • (122mm L) x (74mm W) x (55mm H)

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