Mugig Crystal Chorus




  • Three different knob: Volume, Speed, Depth.
  • Equipped with PT2399 Chip. Low noise, low power consumption.
  • Compatible to any 9V, negative tip effect pedal power adapters.
  • The Chorus tone is round and smooth, full of musicality and perfectly retains the original guitar tone.
  • True Bypass Footswitch: Push down the footswitch to switch between effects and bypass status.


  • Power: Power input. Using only 9V adapter, negative tip. 
  • Volume Knob: Rotating the knob clockwise turn up the volume, while rotating it counterclockwise will turn down the volume.  
  • Speed Knob: Rotating the knob clockwise the speed of Chorus will be faster, while rotating it counterclockwise the speed will be slower.  
  • Depth Knob: Rotating it clockwise increases the depth, whereas counterclockwise rotation reduces the depth.  
  • Output Jack: Connect this jack to your amp or to the input of another effect pedal.  
  • Input Jack: This jack accepts signals from a guitar or other effect pedals.  


  • Input impedance: 300 Ohms 
  • Output impedance: 150 Ohms 
  • Recommended Load Impedance:10 kohm 
  • Equival Input Noise:-100 dBu or less 
  • Total Harmonic Distortion:0.001% 
  • Current Draw: 5 mA(DC 9V) 
  • Dimensions: 94mm*42mm *48mm  
  • Weight: 133g  

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