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Mu-FX (pre-order info)

Mu-FX is bringing your (and our) beloved Phasor pedal back to life as the Mu-FX Phasor 2X. 

The new Mu-FX Phasor 2X is the Modern Vintage Analog™ refinement of the original Musitronics® Phasor II pedal.

The Phasor 2X is housed in our signature “mini-mu” enclosure, features retro graphics, and provides added functionality and reliability to the beloved sound of the original Phasor II.

New functions include: 4 or 6 stages of optical phasing, LFO sweep shape control, expression pedal control, and stereo output.

Changes between prototype v1 and v2

Due to significant delays in the housings for the Phasor2X, we had time to re-consider the original design in terms of how to make it a better performance-oriented product. With almost no "time lost" we re-did the controls to accomplish this.

  • Added a second set of Phase controls (Rate, Depth, Feedback) to the product. The top controls are for the 6-stage mode and the bottom are for the 4-stage mode.
  • Added simpler and more versatile PEDAL (or CV) switches to the panel. This allows selection of (Rate, Depth or OFF) to each of the mode controls when a pedal or CV is connected.
  • Changed the second FOOT SWITCH to select either the top or bottom row of Phase controls, for versatility in performance.
  • To avoid the product out-growing the control surface, we eliminated the SHAPE control and instead deliver the most aesthetic and consistent Phase sweep I have ever heard or made.

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