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Synthy sounding fuzzed based on the "crash sync" circuit by John Hollis. For this run we added an expression pedal input and the color is a pale green, instead of the blue from last run. 

VOL controls master volume and TONE tunes an oscillator which is gated by the input signal. The result is a thick gated fuzz. The expression pedal works in series with with the TONE knob so the range of the expression pedal can be adjusted.

This pedal sounds great with many instruments other than guitar as well including drum machines and synths. 

There is a clip of the previous run here, this run is the same circuit but has the expression pedal so that you can play with the TONE while shredding on guitar.

Runs of 9V DC negative tip "boss style" adaptor, true bypass, white LED. 

Ships within 7 business days. 

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