Mr. Wire Fuzzprint



The Fuzzprint. Amplike sensitivity. Sweet fuzzy overdrives. Loose wooly fuzz. Octaves! Robot sounds! All in a beautiful hand-finished package.

The Fuzzprint is a redesign of the Fingerprint circuit thats been out of production for a few years now. The Print knob is a new knob that makes the circuit twice as versatile.

Handmade to order.

Mr. Wire

The Fuzzprint is an amazingly dynamic and touch-sensitive fuzz that can also get nasty--even glitchy--with the twist of a knob! It absolutely shines. Light and open, fuzzy overdrives, gorgeous full fuzz, scrambled goodness, or (especially with low-output single coil pickups) it's robot city--octaves, skipping stutters, and glitch!

It begins with the beloved Fingerprint circuit by Penny Pedals, now discontinued for three years. Refined control sweeps and the new Print control make it a fuzz of a higher level (including over 50% new tones!), adjusting character and response, and lets you tweak the type of glitching and octave you can dial in!


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