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Mr. Wire

The CLOUDBURST is a super loud boost w/ some compressor characteristics. Boosts might be the least original guitar effect, but the most useful! (And this is not a never-before-used circuit...the Boost knob crackles/scratches when turned.)

The Cloudburst improves the 1-knob boost in two simple ways: 1) a highs trimmer so you don't get an ice pick in your ear and 2) with a Master Volume so you can enjoy the effect of the Boost knob at lower volumes & adjust on the fly--playing LIVE--with no scratch.


  • Boost (scratches when turned, as it adjusts voltage)
  • Highs knob
  • Master Volume


  • Built in the US.
  • Warranty: Never pay for parts or labor.
  • Built with the highest quality parts available.
  • 2.37" x 4.37"
  • 9v negative tip adapter power. No batteries.

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