Mr. Black SuperMoon - Modulated Reverberator



Jack Deville

The SuperMoon is the first pedal in the series. It's a modulated reverb I designed. I think it falls into the hall/room/plate category (which may sound like a few lines are blurred, but that's kinda the deal with it).

It can go from light and small, to almost cartoonishly large. And there's modulation, if desired.


  • At min. settings, the Sway control turns off the modulation, as the setting is advanced, the rate decreases while the intensity increases (just like the dark echo, but the sound and internal operation are different).

  • The Reverb control is a wet mix knob. All the way down = no wet, all the way up = equal wet/dry.

  • The Decay knob controls the length of decay, from short (~300mS) for a little space and ambience, to nearly infinite with no modulation, or about 30 seconds with modulation.

Jack Deville

Space. The boundless black mass above us all.

Imagine your sound, drifting boundlessly through the galaxy. A celestial body warps its trajectory as planetary gravitational pulls steer it into momentary orbit. Millions of microscopic echoes converge into fluid dark matter, then gently evaporate into the black abyss.

This is SuperMoon. Cavernous, vast and orbital.


  • 300mS to 30 second tail
  • Dynamic adjustable modulation (off with control at min)
  • 9VDC negative-center or 9V battery power
  • True-Bypass Switching




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